I help people to be free from issues such as lack of self-confidence, phobias, stress and panic attacks without any medication.

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RTT package includes the followings:

  • 1. Analysis of your questionnaire
  • 2. Consultation before the session (20-30 minutes)
  • 3. A short audio recording as a prep (not for everyone)
  • 4. RTT session (90-120 minutes)
  • 5. A bespoke audio recording for 30 days (10-20 минуттық аудио терапия)
  • 6. Two consultations after the session (30 minutes each)
  • 7. Stay in touch for 30 days via WhatsApp. The fee is non-refundable.

    Having been expertly trained by Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist with over three decades of experience, and founder of the Rapid Transformational Therapy, I am equipped with many life-changing tools and methods to offer my clients. I can access and repair mental obstructions to release them from negative behaviours.

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Of which of the followings do you have issues with?

"One day I will decide to change, one day I will start a new life, one day...." How long have you been saying this? Will you wait for that "one day" or make it your "day one" by booking now? I have helped many, YOU can be next! One day or day one, you decide!

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What is RTT?

Everything you need to know about Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT combines the best of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with unique methods for permanent and lasting change.


Find out how RTT can help you by booking a free discovery call with me. Also see the structure of RTT session and packages.

Frequently asked questions

Look through the FAQs, you can find many questions and answers regarding the Rapid Transformational Therapy and not only.

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